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Extremely excited and proud to present you our very first single called "Sorries"!!! 

We've been working on this with an extremely incredible team of lovely people! Big thanks to:

🎥 Video
Cast: Manuel Quero, (who's been very inspiring during the whole shoot and without whom it just wouldn't have been the same! ❤ ) 
Monique Kleen, Nouka van Bremen
Directed by Jonathan Sipkema - chef de la cuisine 👌

🎶 Audio
Produced by Jurriaan JJ Sielcken and Iwen Legro at Twang Wolf Recording Studio
Mastered by Wessel Oltheten
Label: Sound Unbound

Special thanks to Vienne Sloof for fixing the video locations etc. en Gisela Schlotmann and Manuel Quero for the beautiful costume designs! ❤ 🙌

Pre-order your vinyl or digital download here ! Or come and get your own copy at our release concert on 15 march at Poppodium Metropool, Enschede! - Tickets here


Uhla! 2018 has been good to us! - yet let’s not waste too much time dwelling on the old days when there’s soooo much to look forward to already:

In late summer we spent some time recording some music - and we can’t wait to finally show you the fruits of our work! We can’t reveal just yet what exactly we’ve been up to, but know this:

ON 15 MARCH WE’LL RELEASE OUR SOMETHING!!! - at Metropool Enschede!
Tickets? TICKETS! here

Also we’re happy to start the year with such a lovely list of shows coming up!
ESNS HERE WE COME! Amsterdam here we come! Enschede - oh there ain’t no place like home!

Hope to see you around! Off to rehearsals now!

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Songcamp 18

Songcamp was epic!!!

Last weekend we spent a few days at Metropool Enschede for some intense music making and coachings all about stage present, songwriting, business and more. Special thanks to Seb Dokman (Paceshifters) for being the best coach ever!!!

Laura Wienk captured our weekend: Check out her photos!!! <3

Thanks for this great opportunity, Poppunt Overijssel & Metropool!